Thursday, 27 July 2017

Manali –Himachal Pradesh - A Paradise on Earth!!

Manali -An Ideal Destination for Nature Lovers and Travel Freaks!! 

HimachalPradesh is dotted with a plethora of picturesque hill stations, which are extremely popular as holiday destinations. Manali is one such place that can make you spell bound by its sheer scenic beauty. Nestled in the lap of the mighty Himalayas in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Manali is absolutely a paradise on earth. Honeymooners, hippies, trekkers and local tourists throng this hill station especially during the onset of winters.
Manaliis a serene destination crowned by the snow-clad peaks of the Himalayas.Once known as “Dana Agha”, Manali derives its name from Manu Rishi, who lived here and composed the first constitution of India called “Manu Samriti”.The natural beauty of this place gives a good allure to the holidaying elites.The ever flowing Beas River,lush green valleys,enchanting mountain lakes,dense forests with pine trees,fruit laden orchards,ancient temples,emerald meadows and the curvy roads located on the hilltopswill make your eyes pop out with zeal.
Manali is adventure freak's heaven. Experiencing the scenic view of hill stations surrounding Manali is a wonderful experience.Most of the trekking routes in Himachal Pradesh start from Manali, some of which lead to Deo Tibba base camp, Friendship Peak, Hampta Pass, etc. Also, most of the exhilarating sports that are famous in India could be participated in this hill station. Paragliding is athrilling adventure activity for which Manali has gained reputation. Tourists from all across the world come here to take off and be air-borne. Skiing is anotherfabulous and exciting activity that provides scope for professionals and novices from everywhere to learn and enjoy their winter trips with great fun.When snow thaws and water level of BeasRiver rises, tourists can enjoy rafting spells as well.Under the sunny sky, the running water of River Beas shines spectacularly like a jewel.
Manali boasts an array of temples which holds deep religious significance. The Manu Maharishi Temple and Manaligarh Fort situated at the old Manaliis a popular site of fascination.  Apart from that, some of the most admiredreligious places are Beas Kund, Vashisht temple, Hadimba Temple dedicated to HadimbaDevi, Jagatsukh Shiva Temple, and a number of Buddhist monasteries.The site's religious importance has attracted and continues to attract lakhs of devotees, every year. 

Manali, the "Valley of the Gods" is an idyllic destination for all nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. So, plan a tour to Manali, andexperience the bliss, sanctity and serenity of this heavenly abode! Swaying eucalyptus, sweet little eateries,lovely roads, small kitschy market places, and cafes will make your vacation a lifetime experience. Be ready toexplore and unfurl the un-spoilt beauty of nature!!   

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The city between the hills and the valleys- Barog, Himachal Pradesh

India is said to be a country where one can find unity in diversity. Well, it is really true unless and until one explored the entire country with their vision. The northern part of the country, based on the foothills of the great Himalayas is mainly hill and mountain based. Himachal Pradesh is one of the states of the country based on the Malwa range is basically a hill station oriented place. Naturally the weather condition and other factors influenced a great tourism destination across the state. Barog is one of the few tourism destinations in this state with a luxurious and lavishing atmosphere. This hill station is completely based on the blessings of the Mother-nature and filled with greenery. The transport system and the hotels in Barog are also in their way to expand their tourism business in the entire country.
      Every transport system is the backbone of the tourism business in their respective city. Well, in case of Barog the physical remoteness of this area has made the rate of development slow but it has its own way too. The transport section in Barog is mainly divided in three major sections where it concedes railways, roadways and airways transport system only. The roadways transport system is based on the national-highway 22 which connects Barog to the nearest Shimla and Chandigarh. Else the railways transport system is much smoother and safer to travel here because it is much more efficient. Connected by the famous Barog tunnel it is been connected in the Shimla Kalka range in Case of the railways transport section. And for the airways there is the Shimla Airport which is about 60KM from the city. All over the hotels in Barog is one of the finest in the business.
    There are some main scenic beauties in city. The main attraction is always the greenery and the isolation of the nature. Named after the famous Engineer, Barog has its own way to impress the visitors. Else there is the Barog tunnel which is considered as world longest straight tunnel.
There is variety of range of hotels in Barog fitted for every possible kind of tourist’s party. There are some really good hotels with great infra-structure and great quality of service un-parallel to any Multinational hotels in metro cities. Some of them like Barog Heights, Pine Drive Resorts and Pine Hills Eco Camp. This hotels cost around 3000-3500 INR per booking of a night for two adults only. The fooding and lodging facility is just too good for a luxurious and lavishing lifestyle. Else there are some odd hotels are their too suitable for the common peoples. Some hotels are like Surya Mandir, Hotel Pine Resort and many more which is in reach of the common people. It costs around 1200-1800 INR per day for two adults only. The most important factor of their area is it is completely eco-friendly and far away from pollution. Else the hotels in Barog is still the best in its class.

The Southern India will never be so beautiful without Bellary Karnataka

The culture of our country is the thing we take pride on. The cultural activities and the social responsibilities for the people our country is really which we can showcase towards the western culture. The southern part of our country is the main source of this culture and system. The state of Karnataka is where it has truly believed to this type of thinking with cultural heritage. This vintage thinking has made the state so improved and devotional that it started attracting the attention of the other countrymen. Bellary the prime city located in the eastern part of the state is the main city with this foundation. The people of the city as well as the hotels in Bellary are in hope to develop their city as one of the major holiday destination of the country.
    The transport system in Bellary is mainly controlled by the state transport organisation. The state organisation for transport service is mainly divided in three major sections. The sections are respectively roadways, railways and airways transport system. The roadways transport system is mainly controlled by the national highway (NH-63) connecting the city to the nearest cities like Bangalore, Mysore and all. The railways transport section is modified recently as it holds the maximum number of tourism attraction to the city. it connects Bellary to all the metro cities as well as to the rest of country. And for the foreign tourism party there is the nearest Bellary civilian Airport for all. Otherwise it completes all the section of transportation with ease. The state organisation provides all the necessary help and support to expand the tourism business in the city. Now the hotels in Bellary are looking forward to it.
   There are really some unique spots in Bellary which separates it from the rest of the places. The Bellary fort created amidst the 17th century is one the bigger tourist’s interest in the city. As Bellary is considered as one of the devotional places here one will come across to many Hindu temples of Laxmi and Narayan. And Hampi the famous capital of the Vijayanagara Empire is just nearby to this place. Over all it has all the potentials to be a great tourism destination in recent future.
    There are all class of lodging facility and hotels in Bellary. One will find every type of luxury and lavishness with mesmerising quality of services in Bellary and its respective hotels. The hotels like Hotel Bala Regency and Hotel Bala fort are the expensive one with a royal hospitality service for all. The tariff of this hotels varies from 1000-2000 INR per day for utmost two adults. Here one will find the perfect restaurant to fill in their appetite too. And for the common people there are some hotels too even. Hotels like Hotel Pola Paradise and Hotel Rock Regency where people will find all kind of service 24 *7. The daily tariff will vary between 500-1000 INR for a day in these hotels. Over all the hotels in Bellary is a delight to visit. 

This guest post is provided by Neha Vasadhani. Neha loves to contribute best Travel Information about Bellary  Tourism, Hotels in Bellary, Places to visit in Bellary to make a amazing vacations.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Weekend vacation for Shivgiri with a pinch of adventure

A serene town Shivgiri, located in the middle of wild life sanctuary in Yemmedoddi forests is all tourists’ pleasure. Its cool climate, abundant greenery and serene surroundings have been calling ever since one can remember. Take a stride along the paved roads which twist themselves like network and take you across rows of antique cottages with rose greenery fencing the estate that bring to you an traditional appeal. Further to the heart of the city where life hustle and bustle in the many snack hotels and stalls facing the streets. The interesting existence of Shivgiri assures you a eventful weekend vacation. There are many places one can explore in Shivgiri and these places are not similar but diverse as languages of India. Beginning with Lord Shiva, an antique temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. This is 400 years old temple and it can be seen from the top of Doddabale Siddharagudda Mountain. Further one can go to Madagadakere Lake which is a beautiful picnic place and also offers charming views. This stream is alleged to have remedial powers and inhabitants believe that the lake was made by small droplets of water fetched by the wind
Another Picnic destination can be Doddabale Siddaragudda Peak. The place is enormously delightful for all due to the view that is visible from this peak. Doddabale Siddaragudda Peak is at a elevation of 5,500 ft and offers a stunning view of the Bhadra Lake, Lakeville Dam, Baba Budangiri Hills and Yemmedoddi Village. While trekking to the pinnacle of the peak, one can see coffee plantations and traces for rock climbing. The pleasing ambiance here makes the place even more attractive. Persons who want to have a thrilling experience can also visit Muthodi Wildlife Sanctuary which is a paradise for forest lovers. The Muthodi Wildlife Sanctuary, which is one of the most excellent places to observe elephants at their natural habitat and natural behaviors. One of the best sanctuaries in the place, the Muthodi Wildlife Sanctuary is habitat to an extensive diversity of barking deer, sambar, leopards and an assortment of foreign birds.  It’s a place which is a must go for every one that loves wildlife. With the mall culture taking over our life, holidays should give us some breather from those enormous buildings. Shivgiri offers you the same and is the best place to visit for a weekend vacation with multicolored and vivacious views. It’s the short and sweet destination for all, who don’t want to waste time traveling and desire to spend their time on a spot where they can enjoy scenic beauty and also have pleasure of meeting the wildlife. Person can get all in one place and need not travel a lot to reach to various destinations where on one side there are temples and lakes while on the other there is forest and wildlife. However on the contrary Shivgiri offers everything for everyone and thus one should definitely visit this lovely and artistic place and get holistic entertainment from the weekend vacation trip.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Best holiday your life if choose kanyakumari

beautiful temple
Kanyakumari is situated in Tamil Nadu which is located in southern part of India. In ancient time, Kanyakumari was known as Cape Comorin. According to geographical map of India, it is located at the southernmost end of India. The people of Kanyakumari mostly use Malayalam and Tamil and as a common language they use English by which the visitors can easily communicate with them. Basically, Kanyakumari lies at the border of Arabian Sea. The rich culture and natural beauty of this place attracts so many visitors towards it. You can opt for best holiday packages for Kanyakumari to capture the beauty of this incredible holiday location in India.   

From ancient time till now, Kanyakumari is the chief hub of religion, art, commerce and trade. Visitors can capture the evidence of culture and creativity in the architectural style of its religious and cultural attractions. If you want to witness its traditional beauty, then visit this place in Festival season, when people celebrate festivals like Navratri, Chaitra Purnima, Catholic Church festivals etc. with great enthusiasm and zeal. You can also enjoy the traditional dance Kathakali of this place which is performed by locals during celebration time.

The major attractions of Kanyakumari  are Udayagiri Fort, Padmanabhapuram palace, Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Pechiparai Reservoir, Mathur Hanging Trough, Thiruvalluvar Statue, etc. which carry a lot of tourism significance and are frequented by numerous visitors. The architectural style and engravings of these places tells the stories which are related to them. The famous religious sites in the area such as Tiruchendur sanctuary, Lord Subramanya shrine, Gandhi Mandapam, Swamithoppe Suchindram, Kumari Amman shrine, St Xavier’s cathedral, Thirunandhikarai Cave shrine and Nagaraja shrine, where numerous pilgrims visit every year. In best holiday packages for Kanyakumari, you can also visit beautiful beaches like Sothavilai beach, Sanguthurai beach and Thengapattinam beach. To assist pilgrims and travelers, some holiday packages for Kanyakumari includes some other places which are near to Kanyakumari.

Thiruvananthapuram is the closest airport to reach at Kanyakumari which is situated in Kerala state. This airport is connected with so many national & international destinations such as Maldives, Sri Lanka and Singapore. After arriving at Thiruvananthapuram, visitors can hire a bus, taxi or train to reach at Kanyakumari. On the other hand, visitors can also reach Kanyakumari by trains and buses. Major cities like Bangalore, Kolkatta, Chennai, Jammu and Mumbai are also connected with Kanyakumari by rail as well as road.

Hotel alternatives in Kanyakumari vary from magnificent lodgings to budget lodges or inns, hotels, etc. Most lavish lodges of this place are available on beach ways from which visitors can see sunrise and sunset very easily. Various lodges and located close to pilgrimage spots where you can easily visit. Here visitors can enjoy the moderate climate also. From October till February, visitors can visit this place and enjoy the view of its scenic beauty. So, if you are a nature lover then you will definitely enjoy this trip. 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Amritsar is best place to visit and meet God

Amritsar is situated in Punjab, India. The city gets its name from the holy pool of Harmandir Sahaib that means a pool (Sar) of nectar (Amrit). The Golden temple is a holy place of Sikhs that has become a pilgrimage site and tourist place. People from all corners of the world visit golden temple. The city is not only famous for Golden Temple but also for its pure Punjabi cuisine which includes Lassi, Parather, Amritsari Kulcha, Daal Makahni, Chole, etc.
Which time of the year is best to visit Amritsar? Well, everyone says that Winter season (October -February) is the best time when one can visit this holy place and enjoy the beauty of the place without any problem of weather conditions.
There are number of options by which one can reach Amritsar. Forpeople living in nearby places such as Jalandhar, Pathankot and even Delhi (although it is not so close), private cars, buses and taxis are convenient options. If thinking about how to reach Amritsar with minimum travelling and maximum comfort, then there are trains and planes as well.
Amritsar’s airport is Sri Guru Ram Das Ji International Airport that is just 11 kilometre form the main city. It hardly takes 15-30 minutes to reach the main city from the Amritsar airport. With large popularity and high footfall at the Golden Temple, Amritsar airport is a developed airport that is built well with quality services. It is a big airport and a number of flights fly from Delhi, Jaipur, etc to Amritsar on a daily basis, Also the journey hardly takes of 1-1.15 hrs. Because of such small span of time, air is the best mode of transport. However, when compared to other options such as trains and buses, air travel is expensive.
The city also has a railway station that is connected to all the main towns and cities of India. During winter season (which is the best time to tour Amritsar), pre booking is advisable as trains are booked heavily. From railway station, one can reach their destinations via rickshaws, taxis, and even buses, If you plan to visit the temple directly from the station, then there is free bus service from station to temple. These free services are managed and run by the golden temple trust.
Road travel is although hectic but for nearby places such as Jalandhar (80 Km), Pathankot (100 Km), Kaputhala (65 Km), road travel is the cheapest as well as a convenient option. A number of buses do to and from all these nearby places and one can complete a trip to Amritsar in a day itself. Not within India, but from Pakistan also, a number of buses come from Wagah to Amritsar which is just 25 km away.
Trip to Amritsar is incomplete without visiting the Wagah border where there is a border closing ceremony of India and Pakistan, Akal takht, the famous Jallianwala Bagh, Sikh Mueseum, Ram Tirth, Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Palace etc. Amritsar is truly a must see place in India.